​​​​​​​Industry standards enable fire fighters to achieve the most successful outcomes when you are faced with the dangers associated with strokes, heart attacks, sudden cardiac arrest or other life threatening medical emergencies and hazards associated with natural disasters and severe weather, auto accidents and the dangers of fire and smoke.

In a local government dominated by bureaucrats and their agendas, we see daily the need for strong leadership from our elected officials in Lynchburg City Council.  Our city is losing valuable veteran public safety practitioners at an alarming rate never seen before in our organization, and at the same time we are experiencing extraordinary growth and development in our community, while we continue to lose ground on our capability to provide industry-standard protection for the community.

Fire fighters know a thing or two about leadership, because our profession thrives on leaders at every incident who often have to make split-second decisions with real consequences to overcome challenges and save lives.  Adversity forges leadership, and exposes those unfit to lead.  Through relationships and research, we will forge leaders in city council - or find new ones to support.

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