It impacts every facet of our way of life, from physical to financial safety and security.  Through government oversight and accountability, we will force transparency from City Hall.
Leveraging our strong partnerships with the Lynchburg Fire Fighters Association, the Virginia Professional Fire Fighters Association, and the International Association of Fire Fighters, we will provide valuable insight and information into the current capabilities of emergency response within our city, and issues that matter to Fire Fighters.  
We will strive to ensure that our emergency response capabilities meet industry standards, and ensure that the brave men and women serving our community are receiving fair and just compensation that is comparable to the Lynchburg market and competitive with public safety agencies in the Commonwealth.  We understand the importance of stewardship with your hard earned tax dollars, but also know the importance of retaining our talented and experience veteran fire fighters and paramedics to ensure the experience shows up at your door in a time of need.
Government funding priorities should always put essential services first above special interests and limited-impact projects to ensure the infrastructure that makes a community a great place to live, work and play don't deteriorate at the cost of frivolous spending.  This will ensure that our community and local economy thrive for the hard working citizens that fund our government.

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